Sump Pumps

We provide engineering design and drawings for residential sump pumps. Sump pumps are requried for the times when the house elevations do not permit sanitary and/or rain water by gravity.

There are areas where the municipal mains are higher and the lowest plumbing fixtures or perimeter drain or lawn basins of the property cannot be connected to the city mains. In such cases, we have to mechanically lift the effluents to a level from where they can be connected to the city mains by gravity. This is done by sump pump system.

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HVAC Duct Design

Contrary to othertrade amongst the builders, the industry falls short on understanding on residential heating and cooling systems. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and water heating is by far the largest energy user in the home.  We design HVAC and plumbing systems for houses. It allows the user to get an efficient system and levels the payfield to get pricing from contractors.

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Sprinkler System Design

Some municipalities require all houses to be sprinklered. We offer design services for sprinkler systems where sprinklers are required.

If you are building a multi million dollar home, we recommend talking to your home insurance provider. Many home insurers provide a discount if the house is sprinklered. It might make financial sense to get your home sprinklered.

Rain Water Management

Sustainable housing is being endorsed by more environmentally conscious Canadians. Rain water harvesting is getting popular, especially with growing rates and restrictions on water usage for iririgation of lawns. Rain water is also used for grey water use – i.e., toilets and even clothes washers. British Coulbia in general get a lot of rain and it is prudent to have a system where this can be used